Hill Surgical Workshop

Hill Surgical Workshop

Capacity: 40

The Hill Surgical Workshop is a 230sqm large scale state of the art skills training laboratory that can be used for teaching new medical and surgical techniques, or for revision and upskilling in established techniques. 


  • 40 non cadaveric operating participants (maximum 60 people in total)
  • 20 cadaveric operating participants (maximum 40 people in total)

Surgical Equipment and Technology

The workshop has 10 custom-built operating tables which can be transformed into high quality surgical operating work stations for cadaveric surgical skills simulation training. Every station consists of:

  • An image translucent surgical theatre table with “lift and tilt” (Trendelenburg) capability and denyer-like rails which are used to hold positioning equipment and synthetic models in place
  • A high definition Karl Storz laparoscopic stack system complete with camera processor, camera head, light source, light lead, thermoflator, CO2  gas bottle and 23” HD flat screen monitor
  • Patient positioning equipment (allowing left/right lateral, beach chair, lithotomy, Trendelenburg, limb retraction (shoulder), limb flexion (knee), upper limb abduction (arm boards) and hand plates (for carpel tunnel)
  • Two theatre lights per operating station. Each station features an XLED3 light and an XLED2 light 
  • Underfloor services of electrical points, suction, and compressed air
  • A Moller microscope
  • A Medtronic Force Triad electro surgical generator
  • A well-equipped general surgery instrument trolley

Each operating table can accommodate up to four participants for suturing using simulated models or other benchtop surgical work.

Other surgical equipment available for use in the workshop includes:

  • A range of power tools including drills, reciprocators, oscillators, wire drivers, chuck and key, Hudson adaptors
  • Sonicision cordless ultrasonic dissection devices
  • Olympus endoscopic light source and scope processors 2 x 160 and 1 x 180 
  • Olympus Endoscopic stacks with monitor, light source, processor and flushing pump x 2
  • Colonoscopes, gastroscopes, leak tester and appropriate cleaning equipment
  • Body torso laparoscopic trainers for 14 participants
  • Headlight and loupe sets for 10 participants

The workshop is maintained at an even cool temperature with lamina airflow in the laboratory which maintains a safe and comfortable working environment.

Imaging Technology

  • C arms GE OEC Elite II 12 inch 9900 x 1, with the option to loan a second unit
  • Eight mobile x-ray screens / partitions
  • X-ray film light boards - wall mounted x 4, mobile x 1
  • Light weight lead gowns with thyroid collars for 40 participants

Sterilisation/PPE Equipment

  • Autoclavable instrument trays
  • PPE - gowns, gloves, masks, shoe covers
  • Instrument washer and steriliser (autoclave)

Audiovisual Capabilities

  • A ceiling-mounted HD camera above the main demonstration table can be used to transmit vision to six large HD monitors located around the lab walls and a single large projector and screen
  • Desk top computer for PowerPoint, internet/email access, and file/image storage
  • One hands free microphone with wall mounted speakers for demonstrations/lectures
  • A large portable and two wall mounted whiteboards for surgical illustration/discussion
  • Wireless clicker and laser pointer
  • Wi-Fi
  • Conferencing functions using Zoom, Teams or preferred platforms
  • Sony ZV-1 4K Digital Video Camera with 180 degree LCD display

Synthetic Task Trainers

Bronchoscopy Skills Simulation

  • Thoracentesis x 2
  • Chest drain trainers x 2
  • Bronco Boy x 2

Gastrointestinal Skills Simulation

  • Easie simulators x 3
  • Erlanger x 1

Medical Skills Simulation

  • Female catheterization models x 2
  • Male catheterization models x 2
  • Episiotomy models x 3
  • Koken models lower GI x 2
  • Koken ERCP models x 2
  • AirSim airway trainers x 2
  • CVC Trainers x 3 (1 ultrasoundable)
  • Digital rectal exam trainers x 3
  • EZIO training sets x 4
  • IV arms x 5
  • IV poles and pressure bags

Virtual Reality Simulators

  • VR Endoscopy Simulator® for bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy skills training

Complimentary Client Services

  • Lockers for participants
  • Online Register Now registrations
  • Notepads and pens
  • Signage and assistance with directions
  • Wi-Fi

Specialised Surgical Equipment

  • ENT
  • General 
  • Dental
  • Orthopaedic
  • Plastics
  • Laparoscopic instrumentation
  • Neuro
  • Spinal
  • Vascular
  • Gynaecologic
  • Bariatric
  • Critical care


For more information:

Lorna Christie
Senior Course Coordinator
T (0)8 6488 8505
E lorna.christie@uwa.edu.au

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