CTEC PPE & COVID-19 Lab Safety Workshop Strategy

At CTEC the health and safety of our participants, visitors and staff is our top priority. As a result of the spread of COVID-19 in Western Australia CTEC has increased its precautionary measures to minimise risk and ensure the safety of the CTEC community.

All participants and invited visitors will be provided with an electronic copy of the CTEC's PPE and COVID-19 Lab Safety Workshop Strategy before entering CTEC and the Hill Surgical Lab.  


Seminar Room (Room G11)

Hand sanitiser will be made available at participant sign in and will be readily available throughout the CTEC building for workshop participants, faculty and staff.  


CTEC Foyer and Rest Rooms (Rooms G12 & G13) and Break Areas

Refreshments may be taken in and immediately outside the entrance to the CTEC Foyer. Break tables/stations are also available to participants in CTEC’s first floor outdoor courtyard area. Additionally, breaks may be taken in the outdoor paved garden area adjacent to the CTEC front entrance and the CTEC Seminar Room as dictated by workshop numbers and weather conditions. It is preferred that participants make use of CTEC’s outdoor venues for meal and refreshment breaks, weather permitting.

Participants’ valuables will be secured by participants themselves in individual lockers in the Hill Lab rest rooms. 


Hill Lab (Room G14)

PPE will be provided and must be worn by participants, faculty, medical students, staff and observers in workshops conducted in CTEC’s Hill Lab. There will be no exceptions. 


CTEC’s Hill Lab PPE Requirements:

  1. Gowns / Aprons
  2. Masks 
  3. Safety glasses (disposable) / face shields. You are welcome to bring your own goggles
  4. Shoe covers (Cadaveric workshops only)
  5. Hats (Cadaveric workshops only)
  6. Gloves 
  7. Gloves must be removed and disposed of within the Hill Lab before exiting for breaks. Masks and/or face shields worn in the Lab must be removed and stored in the Lab for re-use on return

The Hill Surgical Lab features air exchange laminar air flow to maintain sterility, prevent cross contamination and maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.

There will be several PPE stations within the lab to avoid crowding.  Before commencing with the workshop there will be a safety talk depending on the nature of the specimens being used.


Further COVID-19 Workshop Information for Participants


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