Core Skills: ENT Sinus Surgery Workshop


The Core Skills: ENT Sinus Surgery Workshop places a focus on increasing procedural knowledge and operative skills in established and emerging techniques in ENT sinus surgery. This highly practical FESS cadaveric workshop provides participants with exposure to some mandatory ENT Surgical Traineeship procedures using the latest highly specialised navigational imaging technologies. It will enhance participant knowledge of nasal sinus anatomy.

Suitable for: RACS Trainees, Fellows and Junior Consultants in ENT Surgery. Limited Observer and free of charge assistant Theatre Nurse positions available.


Available (doctor) Available (nurse)
Friday, 3 November 2023


This workshop also features demonstrations by expert faculty utilising the latest 3D visualisation technology across a range of microsurgical procedures.  It aims to improve surgical safety, operative confidence and procedural efficiency in a way that cannot be provided by routine surgical supervision or by other simulated environments.

The sessions are fully interactive with a high ratio of faculty to participants. Knowledgeable faculty will provide superior training and immediate feedback in a practical and controlled workshop environment.  Limited Observer positions are available.

The Core Skills: ENT Sinus Surgery workshop is immediately followed by the complementary workshop Core Skills: Facial Plastic Surgery workshop.  Participants are welcome to register for both workshops.

Workshop Content

Demonstration and Practical Cadaveric Sessions:

The workshop will focus on the following cadaveric procedures:

  • Endoscopic septoplasty, antrostomy
  • Ethmoidectomy sphenoid surgery
  • Frontal recess surgery
  • Sphenopalatine artery ligation, Vidian neurectomy
  • CSF repair
  • Orbital/Optic nerve decompression
  • Extended endoscopic approaches to the skull base
  • Frontal drill out, pituitary surgery.


Workshop Inclusions

  • Fresh frozen human cadaveric dissection
  • Didactic sessions
  • All meals and refreshments

2023 Fee

WA Participant: $1110
Non-WA Participant: $1570
Observer: $175 
Theatre Nurses: Free of charge


CTEC PPE & COVID-19 Lab Safety Workshop Strategy


COVID-19 Information for Workshop Participants

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Workshop content, date and convenors may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.


Accreditations or CPD Approvals

This educational activity has been approved in the RACS CPD Program. RACS Fellows, Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) and surgeons participating in the RACS CPD Program can claim 1 point per hour (to a maximum of 8 points) in Educational Activities. Participation in this activity will be entered into your RACS CPD which can be accessed through ehub.


"Really liked the program setup with a focus on more time to dissect."
"Very good supervision and advice."
"I gained confidence identifying anatomy during dissection. "
"Great opportunity to practice the demonstrations."
- 2022 Workshop Participants


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Perth, Western Australia

For more information contact

John Linehan
Senior Course Coordinator
T +61 8 6488 8049

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