Core Skills: Plastic Surgery Head, Neck and Flaps Workshop


CTEC’s highly practical Core Skills: Plastic Surgery Head, Neck and Flap workshop is designed for Trainees in Plastic Surgery.

Suitable for: Junior and Senior Trainees in Plastic Surgery and Service Registrars with an interest in Plastic Surgery. Limited places are available for Theatre Nurses in the role of assistant.


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Saturday, 11 June 2022


Entirely hands-on, this one day cadaveric workshop aims to increase participant anatomical knowledge and the acquisition of technical skills in surgical approaches to the head and neck, nerve identification and the raising and use of flaps in head and neck plastic surgery.  Limited places are also available for Service Registrars with an interest in Plastic Surgery, and for Theatre Nurses in the role of assistant.

The morning session will provide participants with exposure to approaches to the head and neck and raising flaps.  

The afternoon session will focus on the use of various flaps. Each hands-on cadaveric session  will feature two participants per station under the instruction of an expert faculty member.  

Workshop Content

The following sessions feature 100% hands-on dissection and will be tailored to provide participants with appropriate surgical training for their level of ability and skill set.  

Each station will offer a dedicated cadaveric model and each participant will benefit from practising procedures in a supportive, authentic clinical environment. 

Morning Practical Cadaveric Session - Approaches to the Head and Neck and Raising Flaps:

  • Approaches to the head and neck (neck incision and dissection)
  • Nerve identification (frontal nerve, nerve to masseter)
  • Cervicofacial flap
  • Parotid/facelift incision
  • Raising flaps - the pectoralis major flap and supraclavical flap

Afternoon Practical Cadaveric Session - Use of Flaps

  • Use of bony flaps - fibular flap, DCIA flap and scapula tip flap
  • Use of soft tissue flaps - ALT flap,  Gracilis flap, groin and LICOX R

Workshop numbers are limited to provide participants with the best opportunity for maximum dissection time. 


Workshop Inclusions

  • Fresh frozen human cadaveric dissection
  • All meals and refreshments



WA Participant: $995
Non-WA Participant: $1325


Covid-19 Information for Workshop Participants

CTEC Terms and Conditions

Workshop content, date and convenors may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. 



"(This workshop provides) the closest to true life simulation."
"It is very helpful to do the practical with such a long time-frame. "
"Still need practice, but this was the best starting block. "
- 2021 Participants


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