Core Skills: Vascular Surgery Workshop


The Core Skills: Vascular Surgery Workshop provides Vascular and General Surgical Trainees the opportunity to learn new skills in a range of vascular surgery procedures. It is a full-day hands on cadaveric workshop with a focus on surgical dissection, with vascular anastomosis on animal tissue.  Limited places are available for Service Registrars with strong surgical experience, for Observers and for Theatre Nurses in the role of assistant.

Suitable for: Vascular and General Surgery Trainees SET 1-4, Service Registrars with strong surgical experience. Limited Observer and assistant Theatre Nurse positions are available.


Available (doctor) Available (nurse)
Friday, 25 March 2022


The Workshop’s anatomy-based program aims to provide both Vascular and General Surgical Trainees with an understanding of historical and contemporary surgical techniques, the immediate anatomy of the structures operated on and adjacent structures which may be involved in the event of other co-morbidities or complications.  It utilises a combination of pre-reading, discussion and dissection.

Workshop Content

Anatomy relating to:

  • the neck
  • the abdomen
  • the femoral triangle

Prior to each procedure there will be an anatomy short session and a brief discussion of specific objectives to be reached.

The following procedures will be demonstrated and performed:

  • Exposure of the common carotid artery and its bifurcation +/- patch closure
  • Approaches to the infra-renal aorta and its branches
  • Aortic grafting
  • Vascular exposure in the femoral triangle proceeding to high saphenous ligation and profundaplasty
  • Benchtop anastomotic techniques using porcine aorta
  • Below knee amputation (subject to availability of cadaveric material)

2022 Fee

WA Participant:  $1255
Non-WA Participant: $1735
Observers: $175
Theatre Nurse: Free of charge - limited places


COVID-19 Information for Workshop Participants

Terms and Conditions

Workshop content, date and convenors may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. 


"Thank you for the fantastic session. I would recommend it to other colleagues regardless of their stage of training."
"A highly recommended course. "
"Ample time for dissection and practical teaching."
- 2021 Workshop Participants


The University of Western Australia
Entrance No.2 Hackett Drive, Crawley
Perth, Western Australia

For more information contact

John Linehan
Senior Course Coordinator
T +61 8 6488 8049

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