Generic Surgical Sciences Training Course


The GSS Training Course is typically offered as 25 Online Tutorials between February and May, and is next planned for 2023. CTEC has developed an extensive training program for junior doctors to support their study efforts as they prepare for the RACS Generic Surgical Sciences Exam (GSSE). CTEC's GSS Training Course aims to improve knowledge, understanding and application of anatomy, physiology and pathology as it pertains to surgical training.

Suitable for: Junior Doctors - Interns, RMOs and Service Registrars - especially those aiming to sit the GSSE


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CTEC's GSS Training Course is offered Australia-wide via an online platform.  The online sessions will be offered live and expert presenters will encourage participation from the group. The sessions will be recorded so they are available for revision and to those who were unable to attend the live online session. 

Online tutorial participants on CTEC's GSS Training Course will have access to a range of recommended learning materials and revision modules to assist with their study efforts. Numbers are limited.

Example of the Online Course Structure (as Offered February to May 2022)

Offered as 2 hour online sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. Any exceptions are noted below.


Week 1 - Tuesday 8 February and Thursday 10 February 2022:

HPB anatomy and physiology - Professor Jeffrey Hamdorf

Oesophagus, stomach and spleen anatomy - Dr Ruth Blackham


Week 2 - Tuesday 15 February and Thursday 17 February 2022:

Abdominal wall and retroperitoneum anatomy - Professor Jeffrey Hamdorf

Gastrointestinal physiology - Dr Robert White


Week 3 - Tuesday 22 February and Thursday 24 February 2022:

Renal physiology - Professor Johan Rosman

Small and large bowel anatomy - Dr Rhys Filgate


Week 4 - Tuesday 1 March and Thursday 3 March 2022: 

Urological anatomy and pathology - Dr Robert Davies

Rectum, pelvic floor and anus anatomy - Dr Rhys Filgate



Week 5 - Tuesday 15 March and Thursday 17 March 2022: 

Reproductive physiology and gynaecologic pathology - Dr Robyn Leake

Endocrine anatomy and physiology - Dr Alan Tien


Week 6 - Wednesday 23 March and Thursday 24 March: 

Upper limb anatomy - Dr Ian Timms

Lower limb orthopaedic anatomy - Dr Nic Frost

Week 7 - Tuesday 29 March and Thursday 31 March 2022: 

Neuroanatomy - Dr Rosh Bakmeedeniya

Blood physiology - Professor Catherine Cole


Week 8 - Tuesday 5 April and Wednesday 6 April 2022: 

Blood disorders - Professor Catherine Cole

ENT and maxillofacial anatomy - Dr Andrew Lindsay



Week 9 - Tuesday 26 April and Thursday 28 April 2022 : 

Cardiovascular physiology - Dr Robert White

Cardiothoracic anatomy  - Dr Charles Jenkinson


Week 10 - Tuesday 3 May and Thursday 5 May 2022: 

Metabolism and nutrition (physiology) - Professor Elizabeth Quail and Ms Amber Boyatzis

Cells, nerves and muscles physiology 

Week 11 - Tuesday 10 May and Thursday 12 May 2022: 

General pathology phenomena (pathology)

Tissue response to injury (pathology)

Week 12 - Tuesday 17 May, Wednesday 18 May and Thursday 19 May 2022: 

Medical statistics - Dr Kevin Murray

Vascular anatomy - Dr Nishath Altaf


2022 Faculty

Professor Jeffrey Hamdorf
Dr Nisath Altaf
Dr Rosh Bakmeedeniya
Dr Ruth Blackham
Ms Amber Boyatzis
Professor Catherine Cole
Dr Robert Davies
Dr Rhys Filgate
Dr Nic Frost
Dr Robyn Leake
Dr Andrew Lindsay
Dr Kevin Murray
Professor Elizabeth Quail
Professor Johan Rosman
Dr Alan Tien
Dr Ian Timms
Dr Robert White

Course content, date and convenors may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. 


Junior Doctors based in Western Australia are also encouraged to register interest for CTEC's face to face JDocs: Anatomy Course to consolidate clinically relevant anatomy knowledge.  This series of workshop sessions is typically convened over six Saturdays at CTEC from April to May, and is next planned for 2023.


Online Course Inclusions

  • Recommended learning materials
  • Revision modules
  • Limited course numbers 


2022 Fee (25 Online Tutorials)

Junior Doctors: $1260


COVID-19 Information for Workshop Participants

CTEC Terms and Conditions


Course content, date and convenors may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. 


"Gave structure to how we should study for the GSSE, as well as the important parts to know. Useful to have this as a basis to then build further knowledge."
"Overall, really great sessions covering a large proportion of the syllabus within a small timeframe. "
"The topics covered were very good at highlighting important topics and guiding my outside study."
- 2022 Course Participants


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For more information contact

Lorna Christie
Senior Course Coordinator 
T +61 8 6488 8505

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