Urgent Diabetic Foot Surgery - A Team Approach Workshop


A hands-on one day cadaveric workshop on podiatric surgical techniques

Suitable for: Senior Registrars, Fellows and Consultants in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery (particularly those practising in remote and rural regions), Podiatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery. (SURGICAL POSITIONS FULL!), Extra places now available for Observers including Podiatrists who may observe in the workshop's practical surgical sessions and participate in the didactic sessions.


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CTEC at The University of Western Australia is proud to host the cadaveric workshop Urgent Diabetic Foot Surgery - A Team Approach on Friday 13 December 2019. This workshop takes place on Day 2 of the WA Foot Care Annual Meeting from 12-14 December 2019, a highly interactive three day event for surgeons, podiatrists, GPs and any allied health professionals interested in caring for the feet of people with diabetes. 

Urgent Diabetic Surgery - a Team Approach aims to start the conversation between all those interested in the diabetic foot, how to preserve tissue using anatomically based debridement, how to avoid moving the pressure from one part to the other, how to actively change the shape of the foot to prevent damage - for example, by a simple tenotomy. 

This workshop aims to provide opportunity for cross disciplinary engagement, discussion of techniques and strategies and learning about basic podiatric surgical techniques.  The dissemination of multidisciplinary approaches can avoid major amputation and deliver better care, particulary in remote regions.  Please consider being part of the conversation for change! 



Professor David Armstrong
The University of Southern California

Dr Armstrong is Professor of Surgery at the University of Southern California. Dr Armstrong holds a Masters of Science in Tissue Repair and Wound Healing from the University of Wales College of Medicine and a PhD from the University of Manchester College of Medicine, where he was appointed Visiting Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Armstrong has produced more than 500 peer-reviewed research papers in scholarly medical journals. He is co-Editor of the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Clinical Care of the Diabetic Foot.
Dr. Armstrong was selected as one of the first six International Wound Care Ambassadors and is the recipient of the inaugural Georgetown Distinguished Award for Diabetic Limb Salvage. In 2008, he was the 25th and youngest-ever member elected into the Podiatric Medicine Hall of Fame. He is the 2010 and youngest ever recipient of the ADA’s Roger Pecoraro Award, the highest award given in the field.

Professor Paul Norman
Mr Jeremy Rawlins
Professor Toby Richards
Associate Professor Cam Wareham


Workshop Content

Didactic & cadaveric practical sessions utilising lower leg with foot specimens: 

Practical cadaveric surgical sessions:

  • Flexor tenotomy
  • Trans metatarsal amputation
  • Chopart amputation
  • Peroneus Brevis tendon transfer
  • Tendo Achilles lengthening
  • Application of plaster

Theoretical knowledge:

  • Decision making in managing acute diabetic foot sepsis
  • Optimising minor amputations
  • Contemporary options for management of osteomyelitis
  • Wound coverage with local (rotational) flaps
  • What’s new in Charcot neuroarthropathy management

Practical knowledge:

  • Appreciation and deep understanding of foot anatomy with specific reference to effective drainage of diabetic foot sepsis
  • Understanding of tendon structure and its appropriate dissection
  • Chopart amputation
  • Application of suture types to secure tendon to tendon, and/or tendon to bone
  • Common procedures (indications and post operative care)



Surgical Participants:  $450 
Observers including Podiatrists: $150


The WA Foot Care Annual Meeting (WAFCAM), 12-14 December 2019

The Western Australian Foot Care Annual Meeting (WAFCAM) is a highly interactive three day event from 12 to 14 December for surgeons, podiatrists, GPs and any allied health professional interested in caring for the feet of people with diabetes.

Day 1: Vascular Interventions Workshop, Bruce Hunt Lecture Theatre, Royal Perth Hospital
Day 2: Urgent Diabetic Foot Surgery - A Team Approach Workshop, CTEC, The University of Western Australia
Day 3: High Risk Foot Symposium, The Pan Pacific Hotel

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CTEC Terms & Conditions

Workshop content, date and  faculty may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. 



This educational activity has been approved in the RACS CPD Program. Fellows who participate can claim 1 point per hour (to a maximum of 6 points) in Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills. Participation in this activity will be populated into your RACS CPD Online.


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